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Piano Lessons 

Luanne offers challenging yet attainable piano lessons for ages 4 to adult including partner, group or private lessons for ages 4-6 that are empowering, inspire confidence and will help you or your child discover their musical potential. Each lesson is uniquely crafted to each child, teen or adult student to help them believe in themselves and grow and learn at their own pace.


Music study requires commitment and perseverance and rewards a person’s consistent dedication with the joy of making their own music. Students will experience a positive, nurturing environment which will help them develop discipline, concentration, creativity, self-expression and a lifelong love of great music. I offer both online and in person lessons.

My Piano Teacher, Mrs. Luanne, has helped me so much. Not just with my piano practice, but with my outlook on things in general. She's helped me see the positives when I make mistakes, and to keep going even when I mess up. I've learned a lot of good techniques from her too. The memorization and scaling techniques she's taught me help me dearly in songs, especially when I get confused on certain parts. I think the most important thing she taught me though, was to not focus on getting something right or playing it perfectly, but it was just to let the music flow through me. She's an amazing teacher and even better person, and I'm glad to be learning from her. Iman M.

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