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Piano Lessons FAQs

♪ What can I expect?

At Luanne’s Music Studio, I provide fun, engaging Piano instruction to all ages and abilities. Luanne wants to develop a life-long love and desire regarding learning and playing music! I provide instruction that moves at the pace of each unique student. I love utilizing engaging materials, music, and games for my students during lessons to help reinforce the musical concepts being taught.

♪ What if I've never taken lessons before?

Not a problem! You can start  lessons ages 4 and up! Enumclaw Music has all of the books and materials you'll need ready for you at your first lesson. If your child is younger than 7, there are several Kindermusik options available along with partner or group piano and general music for ages 4-6.  Private lessons are also available for this age group.

♪ Do I need a keyboard/piano before lessons start?

Yes! Please contact me before purchasing a Keyboard. It is so important to have an instrument that has weighted piano action keys or find an acoustic piano. This allows expressive, emotive piano playing from the very first lessons. Music is a powerful tool which allows a person to express and share emotion. True piano action allows a pianist to do this.

♪ What times/days are available for lessons?

Luanne offers lessons during the week at Enumclaw Music and at her home near the Expo Center. Online lessons are also available. Please contact her for available times.

♪ Where are we located?

Luanne’s Music Studio serves the greater Enumclaw, Buckley, Black Diamond and Bonney Lake, WA area. I am located at my home near the Expo Center and Enumclaw Music, 1515 Cole St, Enumclaw, WA 98022

♪ Do we host recitals or group activities?

Yes! I recognize that performing and sharing music with others is such a wonderful gift to give! Luanne hosts recitals at various locations. There are so many benefits in preparing for a recital: a goal to work and plan for, gaining a sense of pride and confidence, gaining performance experience and getting inspiration from more advanced performers and like minded musicians. 

♪ How do I pay for lessons?

Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month. Cash, Check, Venmo or Zelle are payment options. There is a yearly registration fee due in September. Music is also an extra fee.

♪ What if I miss a lesson?

Make-ups are not available for lessons unless you can switch times with another student or I may have a cancellation spot available.  Please understand that you may not be able to change a lesson time or make-up a lesson at all due to scheduling conflicts. You must let me know 24 hour in advance of a cancellation to be eligible for a possible makeup lesson. There are no deductions for missed lessons.

Please contact me regarding tuition, available times and studio policies. 

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! I love watching Emma learn to play the piano and I know that without a passionate teacher she would not be doing as well as she is! Thanks again! Karen

Thank you, Mrs Luanne for being the nicest teacher or a piano teacher ever! I really apresheat (appreciate) you and all that you do for me. Sens (Since) you teach me piano I think I'm gona be a really good piano player. Emma, current student

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