Young Child Overview Semesters 1-4
2 year program, Ages 4.5-7 years
4--14 week semesters
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The Kindermusik Young Child Program gives your child opportunities to learn through fun and amazing music activities, helping to bring out their musical potential with gentle guidance that celebrates the whole child. Each child is empowered to grow and learn at their own pace as we cheer, nurture and support them on their journey. 

Thanks for sharing your talent, joy and enthusiasm for music with our son Jonathan. I believe he has had an excellent introduction to the world of music. Anne Marie (Kindermusik Young Child)


Classes include:

  • Developing listening skills

  • learning musical concepts and symbols

  • Exposure to different instruments

  • Learning to play the glockenspiel, 2 string dulcimer and recorder which are included 

  • Singing and vocal development, movement activities and musical games

  • Improvisation

  • Multi-cultural music and Classical music

  • Basic components of several different dance styles

  • Learning rhythm and basic note reading

  • Music History

  • Your child will receive all the materials necessary to enhance their musical experience.

  • Plus so much more