Music Maker's Preschool
Coming in September 2022-2023!

Our Philosophy

At Music Maker’s, we respect young children’s eagerness to experiment, play and connect with classmates in gratifying ways. Experienced teachers provide a nurturing and accepting environment as children find their places within the classroom community.


We believe that school readiness is shaped by joyful preschool participation. Whether investigating books, puzzles or instruments, constructing a sturdy block building, moving with a scarf or responding to a story, children use their environment as a springboard for critical thinking and creative expression.

The Preschool’s progressive philosophy respects both the individual learner and the community. Children learn to consider the feelings of their classmates. Parents help us maintain those values that define us, such as inspiring excellence and perseverance in life and learning and a love of the arts with a generosity toward one another.

Ian has so enjoyed his musical days with you and the Kindermusik program. We're lucky he has had such a positive musical experience to draw on and build on. It's fun for us, also, to see him engage himself so totally with an interest that will grow as he grows. You communicate your joy in music to the children every time they are with you. Thank you for all your hard work! and fun!

Judy, Ian's lucky Grandma