Music Maker's Preschool
Coming in September 2022-2023!

About Us

A preschool alternative based on music, play, art and imagination

Music helps grow confident kids in our multi-age, extraordinary Music Maker's Preschool for children ages 3-5. A preschool alternative catering to your child's creativity and budding imagination. Our curriculum is based on creative expression, purposeful and complex play, social interaction, movement and exploration. Our classes teach through music, make believe and dramatic play, and multi-sensory hands on learning and help foster the many skills children will need as they continue their journey into Kindergarten and through life. 

Each class has 10 or less children and two teachers. Our small class sizes allow for small group activities, high quality dialogue and plenty of opportunity for kids to express themselves, follow their interests, and share ideas and contribute to our class activities.

Thank you so much for teaching a fun-filled, educational music class! Elise really did sing all the songs in between classes! Becky 

Developed by a piano teacher, Mom and Kindermusik Educator with decades of experience


 I have personally seen the effect that music can have on a preschool child’s development. When children are having fun, laughing, bouncing, moving, singing and exploring their brains are truly engaged. Music is the great catalyst that can foster a lifelong love of learning and appreciation of the arts.


I began my Kindermusik Program in 2003 and offered Preschool Kindermusik classes. I fell in love with the children and their exuberant immersion into all the Kindermusik activities. I have wanted to expand  into a full preschool experience for several years allowing children to immerse themselves fully into music and the arts while adjusting to a classroom experience. I was amazed at how the curriculum could reach all learning styles through multi sensory experiences.

Music is truly a universal language which can help to foster your child’s imagination. Overall, music activities are perfect for child development.  Music immerses the child in language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain and fosters physical coordination – all in a group setting that builds community – a holistic experience.

Please contact us for more information or apply for admission.