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Little Music Makers and Mini Musicians Group Piano Classes


Ages 3.5 to 6 years

 Your young musician will delight in a supportive, stimulating environment where they will imagine, create, and explore magical, musical moments. 


Encounter a vibrant new experience where your child feels nurtured and empowered to express themselves artistically through holistic and joyful movement, music & culture.


Contact us for more information.


Classes include:

  • Learning basic keyboard geography

  • Improvisation on the keyboard

  • learning musical concepts and symbols

  • Singing and vocal development, movement activities and musical games

  • Improvisation

  • Multi-cultural music and Classical music

  • Learning rhythm and basic note identification

  • Music History

  • Your child will receive all the materials necessary to enhance their musical experience.

  • Plus so much more


Both of my kids have enjoyed the Kindermusik classes for many years! They love music, and sing and dance every day! The connections that are made between music, the brain, and all the senses is truly fascinating, even at the youngest age. My daughters confidence grew with each class and it really helped lay the musical foundation that I know she will use in the future. She is already begging to start piano lessons and her music teacher at school said she has really good rhythm and coordination, even when she was in kindergarten!


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