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Luanne Kauppila


Luanne’s principle goal is to provide a positive, nurturing environment in which students can experience the joy, satisfaction and challenge of learning to play the piano and discovering their musical potential.

  • Luanne has a BA in Piano Performance. She began teaching in 1977 and since then has worked with students of all levels in private, group and class settings.

  • Ms. Luanne has earned State and National Certification from the Music Teachers National Association ( and has been a member of Puyallup Valley Music Teachers Association and the state and national organizations—WSMTA and MTNA. 


  • Since March 2008, she has studied the Taubman Technique, an in-depth physiological approach to piano technique which both prevents and relieves injuries sustained by musicians.


  • She is a Licensed Kindermusik educator since 2003, working with newborns, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids to age 7 in music and movement.

Our two daughters love taking piano with Luanne! Both began in first grade as beginners (they had never played before) and as parents we have been incredibly impressed with how patient Luanne is with our daughters and their learning styles.They have both grown leaps and bounds in their musical knowledge and it is exciting to listen to our girls play the piano all the time at home, and to listen to them begin to experiment with their own notes to make their own music. They are always excited to take their piano lessons. Some added benefits I have noticed through their time in Luanne's Music Studio is an increased ability for our children to focus on a learning activity (not just piano) as well as an increased amount of personal responsibility and pride in their own work. We could not be happier with all they have learned with Luanne, and they could not be happier with how much fun they have!  Ashley

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